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Namibia: New Country, New Government, New Freedom

Namibia: Assumptions on a Land Lost

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When first learning that I was going to be spending most of my semester researching Namibia, I trembled with fear. I knew that Nambia had gained its independence in 1990, and dread how I was going to be able to find enough information about the young country. My assumption was that it was a little country in Africa and all I thought about was the movie “Outbreak.” I thought tropical rain-forests filled with monkeys full of disease. After the first assignment I quickly realized that it was far from the tropic land filled with towering canopies and howling primates swinging from vines. Namibia is a land arid as the dustbowl filled with a largely riches the world envies. Continue reading “Namibia: New Country, New Government, New Freedom”

AlexSablan.com gets a Makeover

AlexSablan.com - Photography
AlexSablan.com – Photography

AlexSablan.com, home of Alex Sablan Photography, Alex Sablan Wedding Photography, and Dayton Photographer Alex Sablan, has been updated.  After talking with the owner/operator, Alex Sablan, he is excited to build a new business in the Miami Valley, Dayton, and the surrounding areas.

What is at AlexSablan.com

Alex plans to add his portfolios, track projects, and share his art through the use of his new layout.

We look forward to seeing what happens there in the future.


HCI Journal Entry – 9/7/2011

HCI starts with the design of every day things. I realize that the design of locks on a door can be an overlooked item in an routine of daily doldrums. After reading the first chapter of Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday Things, I never noticed that to lock my bottom lock I have to turn the key counterclockwise yet the top deadbolt requires a completely opposite action. My first thought after reading the night before was maybe it is a result of different manufacturers creating the locks and therefore it may have been designed in certain standards based on company policy. To my dismay, the locks are not only made by the same company it appears as they are sold together in a set. After I took off the plates that hold all the goodies inside where the locking bolts jut out, the back of the plates both had the same manufacturer and the bottom plate read “bottom – convenience lock” and the top plate read “top – deadbolt.” I believe this to be a poor decision of mapping in design.